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  Western Kentucky Deer Hunting

Snipe Creek Video Footage


2017 Ecosystem/Location


2017 Velvet


2017 Gun Rut


2017 December Powder


An explanation of the whitetail ecological system in which you will hunt at Snipe Creek.


2016, Western Kentucky Whitetail Hunt Seekers and scheduled hunters: Snipe Creek videos will present a detailed and informative conveyance of Snipe Creeks Western Kentucky outfitter whitetail deer hunt offering, via 3 categories. This section will be constantly updated with new videos, so please check back often. Carl H. Doron, 270-293-9781.

1) The High Powered Gun Rut hunt. (View these to see first hand the sets, the farms and details of the gun rut hunt)

2) Early September Kentucky Velvet Archery Hunt. (View these to fully understand the only archery hunt offered at Snipe Creek and get a sound sense of the Snipe Creek velvet offering).

3) Food plots, field work, and informative details about Western Kentucky deer hunting. (View this section to grasp Snipe Creek's unique hunting area, the rare hunt discipline, and the dedication to providing the best odds at consistently putting huge Western Kentucky whitetails along with explosive hunt experience's, in front of you).

2015 Food Plots

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2015 Velvet

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2015 Rut Gun Hunt

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