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Luke Weddle

Guide - Gail DoronLuke ---flawless manners with extensive bow hunting experience...Luke has spent so many hours bow hunting that he no longer finds a compound challenging enough and opts for a  long bow when he hunts.
Luke is gifted at analyzing wind shifts and currents and using the wind information to pin point where the herd bedded or shifted or will be because of the existing wind direction. I have witnessed him often give a description of where the deer will be on a given day in relation  of the wind, and place hunters accordingly. The end end hunt result leaves a smile on all at camp and especially the hunter.
Luke grew up deer hunting the rolling hills of Kentucky and has a natural and learned connection with how whitetails use the wind on most any given day. This talent that he owns, offers and provides valuable input to all of Snipe Creek hunts as we brainstorm the camp hunt plan for the day and for the season. I admit to learning some interesting "wind deer positioning facts" that Luke has taught us all at Snipe Creek.
Luke at 6'4" and an athlete build is the man to send to the bottom of the steep gully to drag/pull that 250+ lb. buck back to camp.

If Luke is at the camp fire with a splitting maul, step back and enjoy the show.

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