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Brad Leow

Guide - Gail Doron(Pictured on the far left)

Woodsman Born, Brad will guide you to a mature Western Kentucky whitetail faster then you can settle into a deer stand.

 You will garnish quick confidence in your Snipe Creek hunt as Brad explains each farm and stand location in which you hunt.
Brad will detail all pertinent hunt factors such as terrain features, historically known bedding areas, desired forage zones, and the breeding tendencies and habits of the given herd being hunted. You will be given a picturesque understanding of each farm and stand that you hunt under Brads guidance.

It will be readily clear and you will recognize quickly that Brad has your interest as a top priority for you to have multiple explosive mature whitetail hunts and a resulting kill, in which Snipe Creek consistently delivers.

Brad is credited as one of the top mature whitetail hunters in Western Ky. Brads knowledge and understanding of Western Kentucky mature buck behavior is as close to flawless as it gets in free range hunting. You will readily recognize and enjoy the rare opportunity to seize the time with Brad as your guide.

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