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2016 Buck Inventory

How to Load Up Your Hunting Land with Whitetails

The Ecological System and Hunt Model of Snipe Creek Which You Will Hunt. (Please review this video in its entirety for a clear understanding of the snipe creek hunt.)

2016 Gun Rut Preview - Typical Chicory & Grain Plot Set


2016 Buck Inventory

June 21st update: About 2 weeks ago Snipe Creek began its 2016 velvet pictures. This is a page of the Snipe Creek web site that you might like to check back with often. Updates to this page will be published at least 2 TIMES PER WEEK.

~ As the bucks are just now beginning to obtain notable antler growth ( growing 1 new inch of bone per day) Snipe Creek is beginning to place more cameras out on its some near 60 farms on a daily basis.

~ With about 12 cameras out at this point, Snipe will take that number to near 30 cameras within a couple weeks, rotating the cameras around about every 2 weeks.

~ Pictures will be posted at least once weekly. Predominately Snipe will post 2 1/2 yr old and OLDER animals. While doing this post season survey for many consecutive years, the survey has given solid historical and empirical fact that an abundance of young juvenile bucks liter the landscape in the Snipe Creek hunt zones (as do LOTS of matures), [it's extremely common to have 20+ bucks living on a single farm, insuring, and continually producing record mature buck kills, while offering predictable, life time, explosive Kentucky whitetail hunting experiences for the Snipe Creek guest.

~ I am Carl Doron, owner of Snipe Creek and have spent A lifetime evaluating herd density / buck density, in the Snipe hunting zones via trail cameras for DECADES. The bucks on the Snipe Creek managed hunt properties get larger and more abundant annually. NO NEED TO HAVE A SIZE PENALTY, WHICH TARNISHES EVERY ONES CHANCE AT HAVING ENOUGH TIME TO SQUEEZE THE TRIGGER ON A LIFETIME MONSTER BUCK. AS WITNESSED VIA SNIPES KILL GALLERY, GUEST HUNTERS HUNT WESTERN KENTUCKY DEER AT SNIPE CREEK WITH THE SOLE INTENT OF KILLING AGED, HEAVY RACKED BUCKS (LOTS OF AGED BUCKS ROAM AT SNIPE CREEK).

VELVET HUNTERS : 95 % OF ALL PICTURES POSTED WILL BE APROXIMATELY 18-30 YARDS FROM A VELVET STAND." 2016 season will be another record year at Snipe Creek, the only REAL Kentucky Whitetail Outfitter which is located in the true heart of Western Kentucky. ~ Carl H. Doron / 58 years old / 10,000 stand hours, all in Western Ky / full time outfitter / we never ADULT hunt 60 days before the rut, why would you!

Enjoy the 2016 inventory gallery, all bucks pictured will be hunted in 2016.


Photos posted August 31, 2016


Photos posted August 24, 2016


Photos posted August 21, 2016


Photos posted August 17, 2016


Photos posted August 16, 2016


Photos posted August 11, 2016


Photos posted August 9, 2016


Photos posted August 8, 2016


Photos posted August 2, 2016


Photos posted July 27, 2016


Photos posted July 21, 2016


Photos posted July 20, 2016


Photos posted July 15, 2016


Photos posted July 12, 2016


Photos posted July 6, 2016


Photos posted July 1, 2016


Photos posted June 28, 2016


Photos posted June 27, 2016


Photos posted June 21, 2016

Photos posted June 20, 2016

On or around December 20th starts the "Parade" of Snipe Creek survivors from the 2015 season. An update will be made to this Gallery almost daily, as cameras are checked. Given the Western Kentucky nutrition available and the genetics of the local herd, many of the animals pictured are going to explode in body size and bone growth.

Photos posted February 22, 2016


Photos posted February 18, 2016


Photos posted February 15, 2016

Photos posted February 11, 2016


Photos posted February 10, 2016


Photos posted February 5, 2016


Photos posted February 4, 2016


Photos posted February 3, 2016


Photos posted January 24, 2016


Photos posted January 22, 2016


Photos posted January 17, 2016


Photos posted January 16, 2016


Photos posted January 15, 2016


Photos posted January 13, 2016


Photos posted January 11, 2016


Photos posted January 8, 2016


Photos posted January 7, 2016

Photos posted January 6, 2016


Photos posted January 5, 2016


Photos posted January 3, 2016


Photos posted January 1, 2016

Photos posted December 31, 2015


Photos posted December 30, 2015


Photos posted December 29, 2015



An explanation of the whitetail ecological system in which you will hunt at Snipe Creek.


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