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September 16th 2015 update

It's about 60 days until the 2015 Western Kentucky deer season opener (Sat. November 14th.) Scheduled hunters, I (Carl) will be contacting you about 2-3 weeks from your hunt dates, regarding details / specifics of the hunt. Feel free to call me anytime!

Without question we are seeing an abundance and record number of quality aged whitetails on the Snipe Creek land. The 2015 season will see record results of aged Kentucky whitetails being seen and taken by incoming guest hunters. The Snipe team is extremely excited and prepared. It's a known, that a lot of "life time hunts" will be experienced by Snipe Creek hunters.

Snipe's hunt model of zero hunting from Sept 14th to the gun season opener offers a special experience in a very special hunt area of Western Kentucky. The deer are "rested," the guides are rested, and the Snipe team understands the givens and has unwavering confidence of the quality hunt which the rare and unique Snipe model offers. We are likely the only outfitter in the nation that says NO TO ALL hunts 70 or so days before the rut opener. That's serious dedication to offer the best hunting experience possible.

Still looking for a hunt? Openings are vanishing pretty fast, and I recommend that you contact sooner then later if you are seeking a 2015 Western Kentucky whitetail rut hunt. ~~Carl, 270-436-2626 home, 270-293-9781 cell.


Trail Camera policy at Snipe Creek

Whitetail sensitivity to intrusion soars around September 20th. That's the date in which scrapes, licking branches, and rubs start to explode in presence on all of the Snipe Creek farms.

Animals DEMAND to "lay down" their rut intentions / plans uninterrupted. The least amount of intrusion (hunting & cameras) during that 80 days in which the animals are "talking to each other" will destroy the November rut hunt. Snipe Creek does not hunt or use "pressure cameras" between September 20th to the rut opener. This policy retains the big matures and attracts the neighboring matures to the Snipe Creek advantage.

Snipe NEVER hunts any of its farms from September 14th to the Rut gun opener-- a rare discipline which creates predictably lifetime hunting experiences for the Snipe Creek guest hunter.

2015 season will be another record year at Snipe Creek, the only Kentucky Whitetail Outfitter which is located in the true heart of Western Kentucky. ~ Carl H. Doron / 57 years old / 10,000 personal stand hours, all in Western Ky / full time outfitter / we never hunt 70 days before the rut, why would you!
  • Conducting this survey is an extremely scientific documentation of deer behavior and movement. One very interesting note is just how temperatures and humidy affect the number of pictures or actual deer movement on any given trail camera set.
  • To be specific : A trail cam set to take pictures every 20 seconds will always snap around 500 total pictures in a 5 or 6 day period when the temps have been SUBSTAINABLY COLD. The same camera on the same tree and same deer herd will snap about 30 pictures in an equal amount of days when temperatures are abnormally warm.
  • Even more noteworthy is that after an extended period of abnormally high temperatures, the first few days of cold or seasonable temperatures have minamal effect on increased deer movement. To get maximum pictures or deer movement in any given week requires seasonalbly sustainable temperatures.
  • In other terms,continued enviromenental pressures are either real bad or real good for trail cam pictures as well as the actual deer movement and sightings on any given period of hunting stand time. Deer movement actuality often does not match percieved or human desire.
  • Updates to this section will be made at least weekly and often twice each week.

    --Carl H. Doron


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