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Important Knowledge About Hunting Ky Matures 
  • My KY Deer hunt plan is simple Hunt the matures when you have a chance to see them!
  • There are several days in western KY that are not good to hunt matures!
  • Three (3) specific, short periods of time are best to see and get a shot on a big mature.
  • Call me and I will share the knowledge. I do not hunt on dead� dates that only tramples the ground.
  • The above fact is highly overlooked by outfitters and people looking for a hunt!
  • I don't wish to publicize all the details of my overall hunt plan  but you can only hunt here when the big bucks are on their feet in high-density!
  • I will give an example: Most outfitters book September 21st - November 9th. These 8 weeks are a dead time for bucks to move period! Bucks are resting for the rut and disappear almost completely from the KY woods.
  • Hunting those 8 weeks will ensure a sub-standard hunt. If an outfitter hunts those 8 weeks, the good hunts that arrive November 10th and on are altered by the pressure.
  • I would not hunt that outfitter at any price that's a fact!
  • Several other dates are bad as well. The result is a weak posting of annual kills.
  • My web shows more 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 kills by far than any free range Kentucky outfitter that I am aware of, and if we had gotten all the makeable shots on the ground, there would be 3x the kill pictures.
  • Outfitting is my only occupation. With me "the season never ends" and I work 12 months to get a lot of matures in front of hunters. Expect your chosen outfitter to be an Outfitter.
  • Most important !!!!! Most all outfitters will charge you for bucks under a certain size. This is the worst policy an outfitter can have for the big buck hunter.........The policy is likely to cost the hunter a buck of a lifetime!

    Mature bucks do not offer a very long shot window.......5 seconds or less...when a hunter pauses to evaluate a shot which might result in a fine ($$) ....more often than not the very shot / opportunity for a mature that was paid for is lost. When free range mature bucks are spotted must shoot without pause. Snipe Creek's policy is: if you see solid bone and big body...think of one thing....getting those cross-hairs in the box at the first opportunity and pull the trigger! Very few mistakes are ever made with this policy and a lot more dreams are fulfilled. Hunters that book hunts with any outfitter that has a penalty fee, are at a huge disadvantage; odds of success ARE REDUCED by a very large amount. Snipe Creek will never have a penalty. Its insane!
  • NO HUNTS OFFERED!!!--> September 15th to November 7th. <--NO HUNTS OFFERED!!!

    I am the only Kentucky outfitter that does not bow hunt the 50 days (September 15st to November 7th) before the rut rifle season. Not hunting those dates creates a rare and sound opportunity to hunt the rut rifle season with unpressurized whitetails ; vastly increasing the odds (while on stand) at seeing more estrous does and rutting bucks.

    Kentucky Bow hunts are highly demanded between September 15th to November 7th. Those hunts are offered at cheaper prices and many bow hunters seek the so called Ky bow rut hunts. These hunts offer low to marginal opportunity at quality bucks and move protective does with fawns to other "habitat zones".

    Bow hunting September 15th to November 7th -- MAKES FOR A SIGNIFICANTLY DIMINISHED NOVEMBER RUT RIFLE HUNT.

    NOT bow hunting September 15th to November 7th -- CREATES A SIGNIFICANTLY ENHANCED NOVEMBER RUT RIFLE HUNT.

    At Snipe Creek we constantly and methodically implement many tactics that manipulate the odds at increasing the deer sightings and mature buck kills.

    The result constantly ranks Snipe Creek as the number 1 Kentucky outfitter in the state. No hype , just a solid and prudent 12 month hunt plan that consistently puts a lot of aged mature deer in front of hunters.

Carl H. Doron

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