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 This is a page of the Snipe Creek web site that you might like to check back with often. Snipe Creek will operate about 40 cameras on 47 farms / 17000 acres until about August 25th. Updates to this page will be published at  least 2 TIMES PER WEEK.

VELVET HUNTERS : 95 % OF ALL PICTURES POSTED WILL BE APROXIMATELY 18-30 YARDS FROM A VELVET STAND." 2014 season will be another record year at Snipe Creek, the only Kentucky Whitetail Outfitter which is located in the true heart of Western Kentucky. ~ Carl H. Doron / 56 years old / 10,000 stand hours, all in Western Ky / full time outfitter / we never hunt 60 days before the rut, why would you!

Camera Update 7/8/2014

Snipe is about 5 weeks into the 2014 trail cam herd and farm evaluation. Some 600+ bucks have been identified and looks like around 20% or 120 or so 3 year + bucks are settled into the Snipe farms. About 25 cameras are being manned, a bit short of the 40 that was originally planned. About 1/3 of the Snipes hunt zone of some 17000 acres has had cameras afield. Depicted via the Snipe Creek pictures is the fact that the natural nutrition of animal replacement and the carrying capacity of the area FAR exceeds what animals are being taken by Snipe Creek hunters or local hunters of the area. Certainly the local buzz offered by some of the locals that hunt near the Snipe farms which loose their deer sightings and say that the Snipe hunt model is killing all their deer is much in error and what is really in control is that Snipe's hunt model repositions a lot of deer and big deer to the Snipe advantage. No question Snipe hunters will see a record season in 2014.

October 10th, 2014 update: Less than 30 days until the 2014 Western Kentucky deer season opener (Sat. November 8th.) Scheduled hunters, I (Carl) will be contacting you in about 2-3 weeks from now, regarding details of the hunt.

With out question we are seeing an abundance of quality whitetails. The 2014 season will see record results of aged Kentucky whitetails being seen and taken by incoming guest hunters. The Snipe team is extremely excited and prepared. Its a known, that a lot of "life time hunts" will be experienced by Snipe Creek hunters.

Snipe's hunt model of no hunts from Sept 14th to the gun season opener, offers a special experience in a very special hunt area of Western Kentucky. The deer are "rested", the guides are rested, and the Snipe team understands the givens, and has un-waivered confidence of the quality hunt that the Snipe model offers.

Still looking for a hunt? Snipe Creek leased 6 new sizable farms about 4 weeks ago, creating some very good openings. The package price of a 3 day hunt is 2450.00, 4 day package is 2950.00. Package includes just about all costs--contact me for further details. Openings are vanishing pretty fast and I recommend that you contact sooner then later, if you are seeking a 2014 Western Kentucky whitetail rut hunt. ~~Carl, 270-436-2626 home, 270-293-9781 cell. 

Post Velvet 2014

Click here for 2014 Field Work / Food Plot Gallery...


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