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Kentucky Deer Hunting - Snipe Creek Lodge
2009 Velvet TrailCam Photos

The current Trail Cam/35mm's demonstrate the extreme high density of mature whitetails on Snipe Creek's hunting properties.


What you see is the result of a 10+ year community cooperative of deer management.


This structured cooperative has planted an unimaginable amount of high protein food sources in which the local deer herd nourishes themselves year round.


All that in a "niche" area called Ky Lake River Bottoms. These bottoms are naturally rich in nutrients that provide a base deer herd that for many years has produced many Boone and Crockett trophy Kentucky whitetails.


In this "niche" area you will find little to no hunt pressure.  It's an area that the very few locals that do hunt will walk the 130's - even the 140's - and only take the 150's and up.


You are looking for a real hunt - What more do you need! 

That is the way that it is, Carl Doron, Owner, Snipe Creek Management.

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Kentucky Deer Hunting - Snipe Creek Lodge